Deep Breath

A minimal macOS app to calm your mind

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A minimal macOS app to calm your mind

One of the most overlooked — yet most effective — stress management tools is something we involuntarily carry with us throughout every second of the day: our breath. There’s a good reason why we often hear people say, “keep breathing.”

But it's always hard to find the time, especially now we're all working from home and glued to our glowing rectangles. While there are lots of mobile apps to remind you to breathe, and reinforce a habit of meditation, I found myself wanting to have an hourly reminder when sat working at my laptop.

So I created this wee Mac app that hides in your menu bar and helps calm your mind.

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A minimal macOS app to calm your mind

0.0.2January 2021Made the timing of the animation a bit better and added a right click menu on the menu bar icon to quit the app.
0.0.1December 2021MVP (hooray!). A breathing guidance animation loops a preselected amount of times. No other options & no way to quit the app once it's opened!


A minimal macOS app to calm your mind

Want to help out?

If you're a developer, you can pick up any of the issues on GitHub and submit a pull request, or get in touch if you want to work on any of the roadmap features!

If you're a motion artist, you can create a breathing animation for the app by following the guidelines here (coming soon).

Otherwise the best way to help out is to spread the word and tell people about this app!

This app is free and always will be, but if you'd like to contribute financially please feel free to make a donation here to the Refugee Council.